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Carl Martens

Doing business as GRAMPA-DOC, LLC,

a Colorado Corporation

  Time to Use Your Imagination!

    Besides assuming the voice and position of 

liaison between Mr. Twain and those who wish to interact with him

here on our earthly plain, I tend to utilize my voice in other methods as well.

  How did I get into all this? 


     I’ve always been interested in music and theatre – to the extent of having desires of becoming a concert pianist during a moment of insanity at the University of Wisconsin.  That evolved into greater interest in vocal music, directing, and musical theatre.  Early memories of Mark Twain lingered throughout college and beyond, and was the primary incentive to enter the public speaking medium.  All this occurred while assuming high level corporate marketing positions in several national and international companies.


     I’ve sung professionally, from Opera to Doo-Wop, acted in way too many plays and musicals, conducted choral groups for over 35 years, directed Broadway musicals (although not on Broadway), with full orchestras, hosted a radio, call-in talk show, facilitated communication and public speaking workshops throughout the country – mostly for the corporate community, and authored a book, "More Than Your Words," Harness the Power of Your Most Effective Speaking Voice.


     While Mr. Twain has been a superb teacher for me…and continues to serve in that capacity...I've been able to expand his musical abilities at the same time.   He's always played the banjo, and is now gaining in his abilities to play the piano, sing, and conduct an orchestra. 


He adores Victor Borge!


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