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...and, he loves children!

    And then...Mark was convinced (probably out of some misplaced guilt), to appear in a recent promotion.  He rarely looks kindly upon cameras when making a presentation.  However, for this nonprofit organization,, he made an exception.  A short clip appears below.


     Mark's humanity has always stood out as an outstanding trait, particularly as it pertains to children.  The national organization listed above, headed by Steven Vannoy, focuses on how parents and grandparents can more effectively communicate with children in an effort to guide them to becoming more productive and loving human beings.  Below are snippets from some videos that Mr. Twain consented to record.  In this promotion, unlike his usual wit and sense of humor, he has been directed to take the opposite approach to what is supported by the organization.   Even though Mark was delighted to help this organization by offering these cantankerous statements, he was most eager to get back to where he is now...wherever that is...    

Here's Mark reading a sample of "Peter And The Wolf"

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